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Becoming a Host

We are always looking for warm and caring host families, whose primary language is English, and who have extra room for an adult student. Our students request homestays because they want to learn American culture and practice their English in the world's greatest classroom, your home. You will not only give a student the chance to experience daily American life, but you will also provide yourself and your family with an opportunity to learn about another culture without having to leave your home.

Host Responsibilities

1. Providing a private room (a bathroom may be shared) for each student

2. Providing a safe and comfortable environment, and accommodating no more than two (2) international students (including students from other organizations).

3. Providing breakfast (self-served) and dinner 7 days a week. Ideally, the student should have dinner with you and your family as often as possible. If you are unable to cook some evenings, please let the student know in advance and leave food for him/her to prepare.

4. Be available for airport pickup on the day of the student's arrival.

5. Be responsible for collecting rent from the student. The host family will be generously compensated for each student that they host.

How to Apply

1. If you need further information, please contact us at homestay@ovecs.com or 480-633-8191.

2. Complete the Host Family Application online and press "Submit Information" when finished. You can also download the application form by clicking here, then print and fax it to us at 480-633-8193 or mail it to:

OvECS Ltd. 625 N. Gilbert Rd., Suite 202, Gilbert, AZ 85234

All information requested is important, so please answer all questions.

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