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  • The number of host families are limited, so please apply as early as possible.
  • A NON-REFUNDABLE check or money order payable to OvECS to cover placement and processing fees must be sent with 2 passport size photos after completing this online application (See fees & costs)
  • A REFUND CAN NOT BE MADE ONCE WE BEGIN THE APPLICATION PROCESS, however, if an available host cannot be found, your placement and processing fees will be completely refunded to you.
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*When will you start Homestay? ((MM/DD/YYYY))

*Name of School attending in USA:

*Family Name: *First: Middle:

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*How did you learn about OvECS homestay program?

*How long do you plan to stay with the host family?

*What will you study in the States, and for how long?

*Entry Level:
ESL 2 year college Bachelor Master Ph.D. Other No Answer

*Interest / Hobbies / Sports:

*Previous trips abroad:

*Have you participated in a homestay program before?
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*Personality: Outgoing Shy Independent Quiet Energetic
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*To make sure we get the right Host Family for you, please answer correctly. Do you smoke?
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*Many American Families have pets. Can you live with a Host Family that has Dogs or Cats?
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*Will you have a car in the U.S.?
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*Will you have a student visa?
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*What do you hope to learn from your homestay?

*Please write us something about yourself.

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*If available, list the name of a local person to contact in case of emergency:
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By typing your name into the box below, you attest that all the information above is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You also acknowledge that you are electronically signing this application, authorize OvECS to process and research all information provided, and that willfully providing false or misleading information may result in the immediate termination of your homestay program.
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